** Prices subject to change!**

Facial Threading/Waxing

Eyebrow $7

Upper lip $5

Chin $5

Forehead $5

Cheeks $5

Nose $5

      Neck $5
     Side of face $5

Full face $25 

Eyebrow Tinting $10

Ironing Eyebrow straight  $25

Eyelash Lift Perming $30 (by appt.)

Add on Tinting for $5

Microblading (by appt.)

Eyebrow $250(1st touch up in 4-6 weeks)

·         Touch up $150

Facials (By Appt) 

Cleanse, exfoliate, steam, extractions, massage, mask, tone, moisturize

(Complementary hand massage)

30 min Express Facial $25

60 min Signature Facial $50

·         Anti aging 

·         Anti acne 

LED Light Therapy: $15 for 20 min, $20 for 30 min, $25 for 40 min, $30 for 1hr

Benefits: Skin Rejuvenation, reduces fine lines, black spots- removal, enhance skin elasticity, shrinking pores, clean skin deeply. Results occur gradually over several weeks, so we recommend series of 6-12 treatments weekly base and monthly maintenance afterwards!

·         Red Light: 640nm,  1-6 mm depth

(Effective treatment of aging)

·         Blue Light: 423 nm, 1mm depth

(Acne Treatment)

·         Green Light: 532 nm, .5-2mm depth

(Controlling hyper pigmentation)

·         Yellow Light: 583 nm, 1-2 mm depth

(Reduces redness, inflammation, swelling) 

False Eyelash Extensions

(Eyelash Extensions can last from couple days to couple weeks depending upon given care)

Strip Lashes $10 

Cluster Natural/Thick Lashes $17/$23

$5+ fill ins (each line)

Body Waxing (By Appt)

Under Arms $10 (No appt.)

Half/Full Arms $20/$30

Half/Full Legs $30/$50         

Free Bikini line with Full legs

Bikini $15

French $25

Brazilian $35

Stomach $15

 Chest $15

Half /Full Back $15/$25

Full body $150(Neck down)

Add on small area for $5

Temporary Henna Tattoo

Henna Designs $5 (and up)

Large and detailed designs by appointments